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Australian Branch


Around 1854, Will and John Basham migrated from Poslingford in Suffolk UK to Australia. They settled at Wilberforce. There they pressed their family to join them, which they did two years later. There were twelve in the group which sailed in 1856 on the S.S. Golconda. The journey took between 4 and 6 months and arrived in Sydney with an epidemic on board which required a period of quarantine before they were allowed to disembark.

Among the group of 12 on board were:

William Cutmore and Mary Ann nee Basham (m 2/1/1854)
George Cutmore Bap 18/1/1854) A very interesting man.
Arthur Cutmore (B. 6th Feb 1856 - took his 1st steps on board ship).
Basham and Sarah Basham (Mary Anns parents)
Josiah Basham (b.5/1/1837)
Basham (b. 11/6/1840)
Samuel Basham (b. 8/11/1843)
Matilda Basham (b. 29/4/1849) 
Arthur Basham
(b. 7/11/1851)
Elijah Basham (b. 15/1/1854)

Other children born to William and Mary in Australia were:
William Basham Cutmore - A colourful character apparently, who finally settled on the gold fields in Western Australia.
Sarah Cutmore Married James Booth snr and was amongst the founding families of Barraba district.
John Cutmore Born at Windsor around 1863 married Emma Taylor.
Eliza Cutmore Born around 1865 at Wilberforce married John Case.
Matilda Cutmore Born around 1867 at Wilberforce married Thomas Chad.
Miriam Cutmore Died before reaching maturity.
Amelia Cutmore Died in the early 1960s, lived in Warwick for a long while finally retiring to the Blue Mountains near Katoomba.

Other facts:

There are many Cutmores in Australia, some descended from the family above and others whose ancestors I have yet to trace, including John Daniel Cutmore a notorious gangster.


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