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This picture, taken over 50 years ago, shows the way bread used to be delivered in those days.  The open cart hardly conforms with our present ideas of hygiene but the bread was probably more tasty.

The photograph was taken outside Cutmore's shop in Barrack Street Norwich. The shop which was later moved to other premises in the same street has only recently closed down, on the retirement of Herbert Cutmore, David's son.

David was born in 1863 in Norwich the 6th son of Thomas William Cutmore and Lucy Stamp.  Thomas married three times; firstly to Pleasance Whall in 1841, then Lucy Stamp in 1849 (they had 9 children altogether during their marriage) followed by Sarah (last name unknown) in 1878 with whom he sired another child William. 

David married Prudence Elgood in 1884. They had 12 children together of which Herbert was number 7.


Above: David is wearing the cap and white apron

David Cutmore and family 1920 small

This photograph shows David and Prudence with 7 of their sons.
This picture was kindly given to me by Marjorie Cutmore.
The two boys on the front row are twins.


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